Well, this is exciting isn’t it?

by | May 4, 2020 | Small business life | 0 comments

Welcome to the shiny new Science On A Postcard website – hoorah!

Getting this website set-up has been on my ‘To Do’ list for over a year. I’ve been selling products on Etsy and interacting with you lovely people via Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, for over 2 years, but what I really wanted was a little corner of the internet just for us.
Here you can buy Science On A Postcard products without me having to incur the fees that Etsy charges, which means a few extra pennies supporting me (and my future plans – more on these in a minute), every time you order. I’ll still be selling on Etsy, so if you prefer shopping there, that’s absolutely fine too. Having the website not only allows me to save some pennies, it also gives me a bit more control. Alongside the shop, we now have this blog – somewhere that I can waffle on about small business life, show you what goes on behind the scenes, and answer your questions. I hope this will give you more of an idea of what I’m all about, and why this little business is so important to me.

So, I mentioned future plans. I have Plans, yes, that’s plans with a capital P.
I’m really hoping that these Plans won’t take me another 2 years to bring to fruition – so keep your eyes peeled! I want this website to be a resource for you, a source of encouragement when it comes to infusing science with creativity and vice-versa, and a way for you to find out about scientists that are working around the world, and the mind-boggling work that they’re doing.

Hmm.. what else do you need to know? Oh, yes! I almost forgot to mention, if you purchase anything from the website, use the code ‘WELCOME’ at checkout for 15% off. The code is valid on everything apart from gift vouchers and sale items, and is valid until the end of May.
I hope you enjoy exploring the new website! If there’s anything that’s not working for you, or that doesn’t make sense, just pop me a message using the new contact form – you can sign up for (as yet unwritten) Science On A Postcard newsletters there too.

That’s it from me – I’m heading off out for a walk with my new Admin Support Assistant (click through to find out more about them!).

Stay safe, stay home, and wash your hands.
Heidi x